Monday, June 7, 2010

I arrived in Nepal two weeks ago. It didn't have the same magic as last time. I guess I am quickly desensitized.

I got off the plane and walked into some kind of schoolyard shoot out between the management board. Grown men arguing about who's wife makes the best Dahl Bhat, who's promotional photos are better, who has the better english. It was as if the pressure of providing for 15 children was too much, causing them to revert back to a child-like state. After 12 hours in transit I didn't need this.

For two weeks they blamed each other, pointed fingers, drew lines in the sand. I wanted out. I thought about leaving. I thought about screaming. I thought fuck you guys I came all this way to help you care for disadvantaged children and all you want to do is tell me who is the most corrupt.

Then I saw this guy...

I realised I didn't come to Nepal to listen to organisational politics. I came to make sure my children went to school, ate their veggies and washed behind their ears. I wish I could fix everything but I right now I need to focus.

Check out the website for the home I am working at.