Thursday, April 15, 2010

time wasting

i have a new way to waste time. It is a little bit embarrassing but only because of the amount of time i spend doing it. It is chatroulette... I have an unhealthy addiction to chatroulette.

So for those of you have been living under a rock. Chatroulette is a chat program which connects you to random people all over the world. There are two screens, one for your cam and one theirs. If you get connected to some who is, oh i don't know, maybe touching themselves in the bad place, you just hit next and BAM your connected to a beautiful 19 year old Portuguese boy who you wish would touch you in the bad places.

i have a rule for chatroulette. It goes like this: If they have clothes on i will talk to them. i have spoken to some really cool people who at first looked a little freaky... i've also spoken to some crazys who looked pretty normal. The other night i spoke to a group of drunk Canadian kids who told me i "had plenty of time left to find someone"(AWWWW thanks kids). There was also an older Italian man who was supposed to be monitoring some electrical equipment but was bored of work, an American who really loved fly fishing, a 17 year old Albanian boy who offered to pay for my hotel if i ever came to meet him.

And then sometimes you get someone like this guy:

I have to make the disclaimer: if you are offended by dick or random women showing you there bits stay well away! Also DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN ON CHATROULETTE!!!

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