Monday, August 30, 2010

Bundle of Bobbie

My younger sister recently had a baby. It is a bit strange being the oldest sister and being the only one not in a 'long-term' relationship, with a real job, or a car, or a fixed address.

I was in Nepal when she emailed me to tell me she was having a baby. I think she was nervous. The email was carefully worded. She probably labored over every syllable, i could almost hear her holding her breath and waiting for my reply from across the ocean. I admit i did feel a bit like an old maid when I first read it.. she is almost six years younger than me.

I was in Nepal again when Evie was born. I have never had much to do with babies. They actually scare me a little bit. I hate the helplessness i feel when I can't give them what they need, it is worse when you don't even know what they need.

The other day i read my sister's baby blog. It isn't the kind of blog I'd normally read given that i run from anything pregnancy related. She has written a post on the birth of her daughter Evie. I am not sure, maybe i am getting soft or something, but it made me cry. You can tell she really loves her new little family.

So if you are into the baby thing head over here and have a little look at Bundle of Bobbie

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