Saturday, August 21, 2010

I have writer's block. I stare at the big white 'new post' rectangle and i have nothing...

My life is a mess. I've been home for a week. My suitcase is still on the floor where i dropped it. Its contents has slowly scattered across my room as every day i have to ferret deeper into its depths for clean underwear and socks.

I could do laundry and unpack but that would mean accepting i am home for good. If i am home for good i have to accept i am a 27 year old,single woman with no job or prospects, who lives with her mother. I am not ready to accept that yet.

I have enough clean clothes for a week. I must find employment before then... or buy more underwear to put off doing laundry.


  1. So....have you put away your clothes yet? I have to do that the day I get home no matter what time it is!

  2. hi! i just want you to know that i have had this exact moment. more than once even. it always gets better.

  3. So I got back from my trip (only gone 7 days) and I actually got my suitcase put away in the attice of my garage! usually it sits around in my front room for days. i'm so proud of myself!