Monday, September 27, 2010

just 12 mintues

picture from ALT123.
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I saw a study the other day that stated the average couple talk to each other for only 12 minutes a day. The rest of their time is spent working, texting, emailing, watching TV, running children around.

This statistic made me sad. Where are we headed if we can't even make time to talk to THE person in our lives. The best part of my day is talking to my boyfriend. We live on different continents at the moment* but we try to lock in an hour on Skype every day or two and a huge number of text messages.

Maybe for some people 12 minutes is enough. I look forward to seeing his grainy picture and slightly delayed voice at the end of the day. It doesn't matter how tired i am, when i hear his voice coming down the line, asking me how my day was everything feels better.

I'm glad we're still in that bubble where you find the most mundane facts about each other interesting... "really baby, you had a tuna melt for lunch? wow that is so interesting". I hope it never bursts.

* We met when I was volunteering in Nepal. We dated for a while before i had to come home to Australia. I just wanted to clarify we aren't a cyber couple. 94 days and we will finally be back in the same postcode.

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  1. Thats horrible, only 12 minutes it harldy seems like enough time to find out how they are let alone have a meaningful conversation! That saddens me!
    Oh i give you props for doing the long distance and making it work!
    Good post!