Thursday, September 30, 2010

small steps

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Pic from the small steps website
I recently stopped watching the news because it was too depressing. I spend a lot of time researching NGOs and nonprofit organisations (i study grad diploma in international development, like project management for aid work) and i think its why i've got a new positive outlook. I get to see some people at their best, normal people who saw a need and decided they could do something about it.

I am really interested by small non profits which are out there achieving things. I think everyone has the skills to make a difference in someone's life and people underestimate their own abilities. Occasionally i am going to post about some of the organisations i hear about. I am not going to get all preachy or guilt anyone into donating. I guess this is just my way of say i appreciate what they are doing.

So my first of these posts is on Small Steps. Now if you follow the link the website is rubbish and i wish they would hire me to work on their social media campaign cos it stinks but what they are doing is amazing.

Small Steps supports children living on rubbish dumps around the world and raises awareness of the unacceptable hardships faced by them through film. They are working to put shoes on the feet of children living on dump sites and 100% of donations goes to children on rubbish dumps.

It sounds like a small thing but i have seen some of these dumps where people are spending their lives and i wouldn't want to venture in there with a hazmat suit let alone without shoes. These kids spend their days sorting through piles of burning garbage with no protection.

And if you have time this is worth a watch. Around the world in 80 dumps...

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  1. awww that is so sad, what an insightful post. that's awesome though about your new mind frame from stopping watching the news.