Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blog crush

My favorite missed connection

I have a secret crush on Sophie Blackall. She does these wonderfully quirky artworks, which feature messages she found in the missed connection ads. The pictures make me feel like i have slipped into a beautifully crafted children's book where all of the characters are unique and lovely and a little bit peculiar. I wish i could live inside one of these pictures.

I love the missed connection ads in the paper. It is so hopelessly and tragically romantic. I dream of reading about myself in the missed connection ads and knowing i'd made someone's day through a look or a smile, or something quaint i said.

You can but prints at Sophie's etsy store... If i had money i'd buy them all.


  1. the last print somehow remind me of the saying 'don't judge the book by its cover' :)

    thanks for stopping by, i would love it if you could join in my very first giveaway. i'm giving away one of my handmade jewellery creations :)

  2. oh my! she's fantastic! mad illustration skills.

  3. Sweetie, thank you so much for visiting my blog!! And guess what, I added Australia for you! Thanks for the reminder :-)

  4. wow, her work is beautiful and SO unique! I love reading the missed connection ads, they are so romantic and so much hope in them :)

  5. Isn't she wonderful? We treasure her books.
    Thanks for visiting out blog - your blog is lovely!!