Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things i love...

My dad sends the best care packages. I am staying with my mum in the small country town where i grew up. The local supermarket doesn't have much in the way of vegetarian or Asian food. Last week my dad found an amazing Nepali supermarket and sent me this care pack full of all the things i need for a really awesome Nepali cook up. It has three types of lentils for dal, masala tea, paneer, and a new magazine to read while i am waiting for it all to cook.

Now i realise this picture looks a bit like vomit but cooking dal is an art. I need a lot more practice but gosh it tasted like heaven.

Sitting with my feet up in my warm knitted socks. I have worn these every day for three months. I would have thought they'd smell by now. Sadly one of them has a huge hole.

Getting to wear my bright red scarf one more time before the cold weather disappears.


  1. that food looks delicious!

    and knitted socks are so cool and good to wear! they look cute too!

  2. The scarf is gorgeous! I'm jealous that the cold weather is about to disappear for you, while it's just arriving here. It's freezing!

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