Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The best thing about traveling is that you meet the most amazing people. For a brief time these people become our friends, your family and your support in a lonely city. Maybe it is because you experience things together which people back home can never understand or maybe it is because you know your friendship may have a limited life-span but all my favorite people are traveling friends.
This picture is of a friend i met this year. We had a crazy two week affair before he jumped on a plane to Pakistan. He saved my life in a Kathmandu hospital and introduced me to the word EPIC. Whenever i think of him i get a little twinge thinking what might have been.


  1. this is the most awesome story, and I agree, traveling buddies are unique.

  2. wow. amazing! I love traveling and meeting new people. I haven't had an experience quit like that!
    you didn't a mailing address, or number or anything?!