Sunday, September 26, 2010

Love is shocking

Yesterday night i watched the movie Valentines Day. It has 19 'stars' in it but some how still manages to be a bit terrible. Its a bit like Love Actually (which i did enjoy). It does that disjointed story lines, seemingly disconnected characters coming together to form a whole picture, thing, but it doesn't do it well.

The reason i mention it is there was one line in the movie which actually resonated with me.

"love is the only truly shocking act left"

The more i think about this the more it seems true. Everybody craves love. We are all chasing it. We love a love story. We are all searching for that perfect someone(s) who will make violins play, birds sing, butterflies jump in our stomachs and the world stand still while we kiss.

But no one really seems to believe in it. We are honestly shocked when married couples are still in love. We look for the cracks in relationships. We expect infidelity. It is almost embarrassing to admit you are in love, it is like saying you believe in the tooth fairy. When we see a couple being affectionate in public it is peculiar. Love just seems so impossible, implausible, impractical.

Why is this? Why do we search for something we don't really believe exists? I say i believe in love but i don't act with any conviction. I never think love with last.

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