Friday, November 5, 2010

Blog Bullies

I have been looking for work in Nepal as a writer / photographer / creative type over the last few weeks. During the researching phase i've been following heaps of blogs, magazines and writing collectives and I noticed something which i think really blows.

There seems to be very little feeling of camaraderie, support or even general respect between writers or artists on these Nepali sites. Most of the comments are discouraging, critical and verging on the kind of cyber bullying i thought only went on between teenagers.

If i disagree with something i see on someone's blog I am not afraid to comment. There is a difference between disagreeing with an argument or offering constructive ways for someone to better their writing and with attacking a writer personally. I believe in constructive criticism when it comes from a place of wanting to assist a fellow writer. But if you are just an insecure ass who wants to prop up your own ego then it really pisses me off.

The thing that most annoys me is it is always the people who leave anonymous comments so there is no chance of viewing their perfect work. It is cowardly and it has a negative effect on the creativity of others, especially young writers who can use an environment to float ideas and styles.

I have been blogging for a while now. I've had numerous other blogs and contributed here and there. I've always experienced the blogging community as friendly, welcoming and helpful. When I lived in Melbourne there were regular blogger and writer meet and greats. The writers i met were so encouraging of young writers.

Why is the writing community in Nepal so volatile? Maybe it is because there is so little opportunity for publication there. Or maybe it is because the majority of people who use the internet in Nepal are quite young. I am not sure but I am so disappointed.

I was looking forward to meeting writers from my new community. Now I just feel like i don't want to put my work out there and be ripped to shreds over the placement of a comma.


  1. Oh gosh...that is a huge disappointment, I am sorry. Maybe you can work to turn around that trend through your own writing?

  2. Oh man I wish I was that committed and talented.




    Welcome to Nepal Stranger! :) ENJOY THE MOMOS!

  4. Haha no you are right. It is a generalization... I haven't been on EVERY blog and magazine or forum for Nepal but i have been on a few.

    And thank you I do enjoy the MoMos!

  5. I always hope people are unkind, mean, brutal to me, but sadly they rarely are... For me, the 'aah, oooh, nice nice, well done' never work because then I dunno what the heck I can do to improve... But i totally understand what you're tryna' say... But heyy, you have to admit, that piece on Ventzine was pretty baad... And people are never so brutal there-- if you look at comments for other articles(including a pretty bad piece by yours truly) they are all appreciative and add something to the discussion. With the iPod piece, it was just downright boring and pointless...And I am sure the writer would have done much better than that... So by telling him he was bad in that particular piece, I think we're telling him he can do better :)