Sunday, November 7, 2010

Me in 100 word MAX

So it is job application time. I actually really rock at writing a job applications. I can nail a selection criteria and a cover letter... unless i really want to job and I REALLY WANT THIS JOB. My ability to be impressive has completely vanished. Now i just feel like an old lady with limited skills and now pizazz (yeah i know only a fading hack would use the word pizazz).

The application states, tell us about yourself, describe your personal and professional interests in 100 words MAX.

I am AWESOME.. hmmm that might not be the best start. They are about to red my portfolio, which is somewhat

I am a responsible and dependable employee... well that isn't really common for a writer so maybe?

I have moments of creative genius but they are generally far between. I'm a good writer with a steady, reliable output. I can write whenever, about whatever. I love writing but i am a little rusty.... SHIT NO. I can't tell them the truth!!! I'll never get a job with that.

Moderately attractive, 20 something, out of work writer seek assignments for reviving her will to write. Likes variety, open to new experiences, will work for minimum wage. Dislikes... this application form. Hmmm nope don't think that's it.

I like to write. I am good at writing. I have more story ideas than i could possibly write up in one life time. I have never missed a deadline.

Ohhhhhhhhh. If I could just convince myself I don't actually want the job maybe i could come up with something brilliant and witty.

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  1. haha, that's how I am!! I totally freeze if it's something that I really want :)