Monday, November 1, 2010

my new toy...

Yesterday after zombie hunting with my dad i realised my lens was bit loose. One one side it was actually coming undone. It had been doing funny things for a while but i'm not a very good photographer so i figured it was my lack of skill. When I unscrewed the lens a piece of plastic fell out. I had cracked two of the brackets which hold the lens in place.

I am famous for breaking things. I believe even luxury items, like expensive lenses, should be used to their full extent. My lens had a hard life. I dropped it a million times, I carted it across Nepal with little thought for its longevity, I let children use it to learn about photography. It only lived for six months but it had a full life.

And now thanks to my dad (who shows he cares by buying us expensive and unnecessary items) I have a brand new 55-300mm lens. It is so crazy that i have this lens. I am never going to make proper use of it, it just too much! I haven't had any chance to test it out yet but i do like to look at it and stroke it and call it my precious.


  1. awww congratulations :) :) I would love a new wide angle lens for christmas!!

  2. whoo! Congrats on your new lens. I want to play with it now!! hahaha

  3. ooh fancy! can't wait to see pics from that beauty. show and tell a sista!

  4. i am on the hunt for a dslr and would appreciate any insight you might offer!! congrats to you!


  5. @ this free bird: I really can't go past the Nikon D-80 / D-90. They are so simple to use and can make even a novice like me look pro. Three of my family members have these cameras and we all say we'd never use anything else.